Rhino White Small Frame

Rhino White Small Frame

  • $75.00

The noble rhino is a suprisingly passive creature at heart, preferring to roam the wide open grassy spaces in freedom and solitude. They love inhaling the richness of green pastures and connecting with the abundance of Mother Nature. With its feet pressed firmly into the ground, the rhino symbolizes a creature of substance, confidence, stability, sure footedness and explosive power.

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Hand-folded in Melbourne, these artworks embrace the Japanese tradition of origami using the highest quality paper sourced from across the globe. Each piece is signed by the artist and is accompanied by our Short Story brand name and story card.

As each artwork is individually hand-crafted in our Melbourne studio there may be slight variations in each piece due to the hand-making process. Papers may vary slightly and are dependant on availability. Each artwork is an individual piece of art and is unique.

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